Help: is it okay to masturbate in the shower?

Help: is it okay to masturbate in the shower?

We answer together with the gynecologist.

Masturbation in the shower seems to be a pleasant practice, but it is not clear how safe this activity is. Together with the gynecologist, we figured out whether it is possible to have fun in this way. 

Why can masturbation in the shower feel pleasurable?

According to sexologist, women masturbate in the shower for several reasons: 

Possibility to regulate pressure. The jet provides powerful clitoral stimulation . At the same time, the force of impact can be changed by increasing or decreasing the flow of water.

Possibility to change the temperature. By making the water hotter or colder, you can diversify masturbation and experience new sensations. 

Possibility to control the direction of the jet. In the shower, it is easy to choose the angle at which water will flow, and thereby stimulate exactly the area that a woman needs. 

How safe is it to masturbate in the shower?

According to sex educator, it is okay to masturbate in the shower, but with caution. Before starting, the expert advises to make sure that the bath and shower head are clean and you will not bring an infection. At the same time, it is important not to clean the plumbing with aggressive chemicals so as not to injure the mucous membrane. Soap can be used instead.  

Sex educator Taylor Sparks warns of other possible risks of masturbation. So, standing on a slippery surface, you can fall and get hurt. To avoid this, the expert recommends purchasing an anti-slip bath mat. 

Can showering masturbate hurt? 

It is believed that due to masturbation in the shower, the head of the clitoris may decrease sensitivity. But this is a myth. The clitoris cannot become less sensitive from frequent orgasms or intense stimulation. It is impossible to harm the sensitivity even with a powerful pressure of water. 
But masturbation with a shower can be harmful in the following cases: 

If you direct the jet directly into the vagina. This “washes out” bacteria, including beneficial lactobacilli, and other flora can begin to multiply. This can lead to dysbiosis.

If the water temperature is uncomfortable. Too hot water can cause burns. 

6 reasons why sex is better in winter than in summer

sex is better in winter than in summerIntimacy is good in any weather. But in the cold, it really warms, heals and saves from a bad mood. But here are 6 reasons why sex is better in the winter than in summer:

1. You spend more time hugging.

Sex in 30-degree heat can be hard and unpleasant. After all, it is accompanied by increased sweating and additional stress on the cardiovascular system. In such conditions, few people are capable of long-term love games. And after an orgasm, you don’t want hugs, but rather cool down in your soul as soon as possible.

In winter, you don’t have to worry about your body becoming sticky. Close contact does not irritate, but warms. You enjoy hugging after sex, and as a result, the love hormone oxytocin is released, which enhances the feeling of affection between partners.

2. Testosterone levels rise in men

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel found that testosterone levels in men drop in the summer, reaching a low in August. But starting from October, the amount of male hormone and with it the quality of sperm grow, and the peak falls on December.

This phenomenon is explained not only by the fact that the heat suppresses testosterone, but also by the subconscious survival mechanism that we inherited from our ancestors. A child conceived in December and born in a fertile August was more likely to get enough nutrition and get stronger for the cold.

Even if you’re not planning on having children, boosting your testosterone levels is something to be excited about. Sexual desire grows, and orgasms become brighter.

3. The female body seems more attractive.

This conclusion was made by scientists in the UK. Every three months they showed a group of men photos of the girls. Some showed only faces, others offered to admire the bodies in bathing suits. The attitude towards the former remained unchanged throughout the year. But the pictures of semi-nude models caused much more enthusiasm in the winter.

Experts explain the results by the fact that in winter we rarely see an unclothed body and therefore react more responsively to nakedness. In summer, the brain is fed up with the sight of people in a minimum of clothes and already sluggishly responds to such stimuli.

4. Girls are more likely to have sex in socks

It would seem, what is the connection between socks and the pleasure of sex? And she is! It was discovered at the University of Groningen, the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands. Dutch scientists have found that warm socks increase a woman’s chances of having an orgasm by 30%.

According to experts, it’s all about the sense of security and safety that socks create. In addition, when the legs are warm, blood circulates better, which means that it is easier for a girl to warm up.

5. Intimacy brings even more health benefits.

Sex is always useful, but especially in winter. After all, intimate relationships can support immunity, which falls in the cold season. Studies show that couples who are intimate once or twice a week have significantly higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in saliva than those who have sex less frequently.

For reference: immunoglobulin A protects the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system from infections, preventing viruses and bacteria from attaching to the mucous membrane.

6. In the cold, closeness saves you from depression.

In the summer, even without sex, we feel cheerful and satisfied with life. And all because sunlight pushes the brain to produce serotonin – the hormone of joy, which is responsible for a consistently good mood. Its level drops as the daylight hours decrease, and as a result, we feel lonely and depressed.

Luckily, orgasm is one of the most effective natural ways to jump-start serotonin production. In winter, this is more relevant than ever.