Are there aphrodisiac foods and how does food affect libido in general?

Are there aphrodisiac foods and how does food affect libido in general?

We answer the popular question if there are really aphodisiac foods and how does any food affect our libido in genera.

Together with sexologist Anastasia Akimova and sex consultant Zoya Prishivalko, we are looking for answers to some questions about food and libido. For example, do oysters, dark chocolate and other aphrodisiac foods increase sexual desire. And is it possible to solve problems with libido with the help of a diet.

Can libido problems be cured by diet

Libido fluctuates throughout life, and this is normal. According to the Mayo Clinic, women’s sexual desire is affected by:

  • physiological causes (diseases, medications);
  • lifestyle (lack of sleep, fatigue, smoking, large amounts of alcohol);
  • hormonal changes (pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause);
  • psychological reasons (stress, depression, low self-esteem, negative sexual experience in the past);
  • relationship problems (unresolved conflicts with a partner, lack of trust, difficulty discussing sexual preferences)

If you are concerned about a decrease in libido, you need to contact a specialist and find the cause of the problem. Depending on it, treatment is prescribed. There is no direct connection between diet and libido. But there may be an indirect effect. For example, a girl follows an exhausting diet, does not receive enough energy, vitamins, and microelements. As a result, libido decreases. But if you start eating right, everything will return to normal.

Sometimes libido is affected by chronic diseases. For example, diabetes. Accordingly, you have to follow a certain diet. When the disease goes into an acceptable form, libido improves.

Does a balanced diet affect libido?

Gynecologist, sexologist. Work experience more than 10 years.

afrodisiac foodsA healthy lifestyle gives the body the energy to have sex. If the resources are not enough, this can lead to a decrease in libido. The first recommendation for problems with libido is to establish a healthy lifestyle: normalize sleep and daily routine in general, eat a balanced and varied diet, and have a good rest.

To have the strength and desire to have sex, it is important to get enough calories and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. To do this, the American Heart Health Association recommends eating more often:

  • fruits and vegetables;
  • whole grains high in fiber
  • healthy fats – vegetable oils , avocados and so on;
  • seafood, nuts and legumes.

For men to maintain optimal levels of the sex hormone testosterone, it is important to get enough zinc. It is found in seafood, red meat, pumpkin seeds. For a normal hormonal background, women need healthy fats, which are found in vegetable oils, nuts, and some varieties of fish.

In short, there is no special diet for libido. But the state of the body affects sexual desire. And just it can be supported by general recommendations for a healthy and balanced diet . It is important to remember that Full Text

What to do if sex ends quickly

What to do if sex ends quickly

For starters, it’s best to stop looking at the clock. And some more useful tips on what to do if you ejaculate too soon.

Why orgasm comes too fast

The reasons may be physiological or emotional. Most often to blame:

  • stress;
  • fear of premature ejaculation;
  • depression;
  • problems in a couple;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • increased sensitivity of the penis;
  • urological diseases.

What to do in order not to worry in vain

Sometimes it is enough to rethink the problem so that it solves itself.

1. Understand that there is no norm

Sometimes it just seems to a man that an orgasm comes too quickly. In fact, everything is in order.

One of the latest major studies showed that in different couples, the duration of sex – from penetration to male orgasm – varies from 30 seconds to 45 minutes. What is the norm here?

Dr. Justin Lemiller suggests not fixing on dates at all.

It is not necessary to consider ejaculation premature on the basis of the speed of reaching orgasm alone. Moreover, setting a minimum limit for the duration of sex can cause anxiety in couples who are satisfied with their sex life and lead to problems.

It is worth talking about premature ejaculation only if sex lasts less than one minute, partners do not enjoy it, and this picture is repeated regularly.

2. Don’t overestimate the orgasm

Orgasm plays a key role in modern sexual culture. He is expected as a mandatory element of the program, most often meaning the end of sex. In fact, no one bothers you to continue using your hands, lips, sex toys.

3. Stop Believing Sex Myths

Sex is a constant test of compliance with the mythical standards of a “real man”. Such lists usually include a stone erection that does not decrease for hours, an XXL size penis, the ability to perform frictions for at least an hour in a row. All these things look good in porn , but in reality they are not at all necessary, and often even painful for partners.

4. Talk to your partner

Important is not only the question of how long not to finish, but also the question of why. If the task is to give pleasure to a woman, then it is better to ask what she wants, what is missing. Do long frictions bring pleasure to you and your partner, or do they only provoke chafing and fatigue? The main thing is that the participants were pleased.

In good sex, you don’t have to achieve anything. It is enough just to relax and enjoy the process, regardless of whether there are orgasms or not.

What to do before sex, so as not to finish for a long time

These proven methods will not harm your Full Text

Help: is it okay to masturbate in the shower?

Help: is it okay to masturbate in the shower?

We answer together with the gynecologist.

Masturbation in the shower seems to be a pleasant practice, but it is not clear how safe this activity is. Together with the gynecologist, we figured out whether it is possible to have fun in this way. 

Why can masturbation in the shower feel pleasurable?

According to sexologist, women masturbate in the shower for several reasons: 

Possibility to regulate pressure. The jet provides powerful clitoral stimulation . At the same time, the force of impact can be changed by increasing or decreasing the flow of water.

Possibility to change the temperature. By making the water hotter or colder, you can diversify masturbation and experience new sensations. 

Possibility to control the direction of the jet. In the shower, it is easy to choose the angle at which water will flow, and thereby stimulate exactly the area that a woman needs. 

How safe is it to masturbate in the shower?

According to sex educator, it is okay to masturbate in the shower, but with caution. Before starting, the expert advises to make sure that the bath and shower head are clean and you will not bring an infection. At the same time, it is important not to clean the plumbing with aggressive chemicals so as not to injure the mucous membrane. Soap can be used instead.  

Sex educator Taylor Sparks warns of other possible risks of masturbation. So, standing on a slippery surface, you can fall and get hurt. To avoid this, the expert recommends purchasing an anti-slip bath mat. 

Can showering masturbate hurt? 

It is believed that due to masturbation in the shower, the head of the clitoris may decrease sensitivity. But this is a myth. The clitoris cannot become less sensitive from frequent orgasms or intense stimulation. It is impossible to harm the sensitivity even with a powerful pressure of water. 
But masturbation with a shower can be harmful in the following cases: 

If you direct the jet directly into the vagina. This “washes out” bacteria, including beneficial lactobacilli, and other flora can begin to multiply. This can lead to dysbiosis.

If the water temperature is uncomfortable. Too hot water can cause burns. 

6 reasons why sex is better in winter than in summer

sex is better in winter than in summerIntimacy is good in any weather. But in the cold, it really warms, heals and saves from a bad mood. But here are 6 reasons why sex is better in the winter than in summer:

1. You spend more time hugging.

Sex in 30-degree heat can be hard and unpleasant. After all, it is accompanied by increased sweating and additional stress on the cardiovascular system. In such conditions, few people are capable of long-term love games. And after an orgasm, you don’t want hugs, but rather cool down in your Full Text

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